Speaking of BITOLIA GALLERY, we talk about art, more, we talk about THE ART OF FASHION. The art of luxury clothing, refined, with elegant outfits suitable for any “high-class” event, highlighted in a location with a special architectural value, a Historical Monument in the center of Bucharest, a building restored and completely renovated with art objects, precisely to create a magic of the complete discovery of femininity in the superlative, a signature “BITOLIA GALLERY”.

Passing through the BITOLIA GALLERY you enter a world in which the well-being is a real fact, which you will feel in any of the 4 levels of the gallery. Good taste, refinement and elegance are synonymous with luxury art, and in the BITOLIA GALLERY you will find them paired: luxury clothing art, high class decorations specially created for location, art objects. All together, they create an image of style, an image that we, the people behind the concept, called “BITOLIA EXPERIENCE”, an unforgettable experience in which the clothing style is a state of mind, an image of the elitist style and of fine refinement in an elegant and historic setting. In an attempt to materialize this state of mind, BITOLIA GALLERY offers the possibility of choosing an outfit in an environment surrounded by style and elegance, under the roof of the Bitolia building No. 5.

“BITOLIA EXPERIENCE”, with certainty, addresses to the elitist urban public. On the luxury rental market, renting BITOLIA GALLERY is an unique experience at this moment in Bucharest. By renting the building BITOLIA GALLERY – 4 floors and a courtyard full of plants and places of relaxation – a building that enjoys a favorable position in an elitist area of the Capital, Bitolia No. 5, at Dorobanti Square, multiple types of elitist or corporate events can be created, such as: high-class events, fashion presentations, conferences or symposiums, culture and art events, wine tastings, media events, filming, commercials and influencer interviews.