This is the confidentiality policy used by our website, for the on line version and mobile applications or other applications related to our system, that will be nominated as it follows: WEBSITE, the property BITOLIA GALLERY, named “Company” or “We”.
We are kindly require you to read the following information in order to learn and know more about how to use the website. In this respect, you agree that the current confidentiality policy is part of Terms and Conditions. Using or visiting our website, you agree to respect all terms and conditions for our website. If you do not agree with these terms, we are kindly asking you not to visit our website.
We reserve the right to change terms and conditions of the website, anytime, without any prior statement. In this respect, you agree in your capacity as user of the website that it is your responsability to follow the amendments inserted within terms and conditions that specify how to use the website.
Nevertheless, further to any amendments, you will continue to use the website, that means you agree with the latest amendments and you will respect them.


According to the legal provisions of 2016/679 (UE) Regulation of the European Parliament and European Councel from April 12, 2016 regarding natural persons protection related the personal data process and related to free movement of data, Bitolia Gallery is processing safely and for the reasons below mentioned, personal data provided about you or any other person.

BITOLIA GALLERY is a personal data protection operator.

Following terms, in the meaning of 2016/679 (UE) General Regulation are:
„personal data” means any information about a natural person, identified or identifiable („endorsed person”); a identifiable natural person is a person that could be identified, directly or indirectly, especially through an identification element, such as a name, an identification number, location data, an on line identifier or, one or more particular elements, specific for his phisical, physiological, genetical, psychic, economic, cultural and social identity;
„process” means operations or set of operations made above the personal data or above the data protection set, with or without automatics ways, such as collecting, registration, organisation, structuring, stocking, adaption or amendment, drawing out, using, disclosure by transmission or providing in any other way, the alignment or merging, restricting, removing or distroying.
„process restriction” means data protection marking, that are stocked in order to limit their future procession;
„operator” means a natural person or legal entity, a public authority, the agency or other entity that alone or together with others, establish goals and ways of personal data process; when goals and ways of personal data process are establish by the law of European Union or by the internal law, the operator or the particular criteria for his nomination may be provided by the European Union law or the internal law;
“empowered person by the operator” means a natural person or legal entity, a public authority, the agency or any other entity that is processing personal data in the name of the operator;
“third party” means a natural person or legal entity, public authority, an agency or another entity, other than the subject person, the operator, the empowered person of the operator and other natural persons that, upon directly supervision of the operator or the empowered person are authorised to process the personal data;
“consent” of subject person means any act of free, informed and specific will, with no ambiguity, who accepts by a statement or an action, that her personal data may be process.


BITOLIA GALLERY is processing the collected data further to the outfits and accessories renting or sale purchase, in order to accomplish the legal interests related to abovementioned goals and other situations based on clients’ consent. The reason of data collection are: users/ clients informing (customers) about their status account from, users/ clients informing about the status of their commands, evaluation of the rendered products and services, commercial activities for promoting the products and marketing or advertising services, media, administrative, deploying, market research, statistics to follow and monitor the sales and customers behaviour, etc. By reading the current protection policy of personal data, you acknowledge the fact that your rights provided by GDPR are guaranteed, respectively:
– the right of transparency information, of communication and manner to exercise your rights;
– right to information and access to your personal data;
– right to rectify and data remove;
– right to restrict the act of processing;
– right to data portability;
– right to opposition;
– right to come in front of the Supervision Authority (ANSPDCP) if your rights are violated, guaranteed by the legislation related data protection.


When you create yourself an account, you communicate us the following information: name, surname, e-mail address within your personal page of BITOLIA GALLERY store. You also have the possibility to add other information: picture, telephone number, date of birth, delivery address, your card data, etc.;
You may provide us information such as: your desired outfit and accessory, delivery address, invoicing data, way of payment, etc.


We are not selling, nor make any transaction, neither rent personal information obtained from you. We are keeping the right to inform you about our offerts and about offerts from our contractual partners. We are also using personal data in order to operate our system and our partners use the information to make deliveries (for example we have to communicate your card information to the bank in order to confirm the services payment, of the outfits and accessories).

There is the possibility for you to register within the platform BITOLIA GALLERY through your Facebook or Google account. If you are choosing one of this options, you will be send through a webpage administrated by Facebook and Google LLC, where these providers will inform you about data transffer to BITOLIA GALLERY. For more information you may consult confidentiality policy of Facebook and Google.
We are processing and collecting information about the experience of your visit to our place or using the smartphone application, in order to improve on line experience and make available to you offerts addapted to your profile.
Within the website and within the smatphone application we may stock and collect information in cookies and similar technologies, according to the cookies policy.

We do not collect and do not process in another manner sensitive information, included within general Regulation related data protection into special personal data cathegories. Further more, we do not collect and do not process data of minors, who have not turned yet 16 years old.


Providing services in our customers advantage, BITOLIA GALLERY shall proceed to:

a) Create and administration of the account within BITOLIA GALLERY platform;
b) Commands procession, including handing over, validity, dispatch, invoicing;
c) Solving situation of any kind related to the outfits, accessories and achieved services;
d) Outfits and accessories return according to the legal provisions;
e) Reimburse the counter value of outfits and accessories according to the legal provisions;
f) Asuring suport services, answer to your questions about commands or BITOLIA GALLERY services or our partners services. Usually, for the conclusion and execution of a contract between BITOLIA GALLERY and her clients, data will be processed according to the legal provisions into force.

In order to improve our services, we may collect and use certain information about user’s activity, to require you to complete forms or to make market studies/ researches.

Information provided by you will be used and stocked only for the purpose you have provided for, in order to administrate, support and evaluate our services, including for preventing the security systems violation and for respecting the law and our contractual terms. In this respect, BITOLIA GALLERY will stock your data according to the Confidentiality Policy, provided for different personal data cathegories, according to the operations they are used for. Moreover, BITOLIA GALLERY ensures that personal data are adequate, relevante and limited to what is it necessary for the purpose they are processes for and also assures that the periode while personal data are stoked is limited and when terms are reached, personal data will no longer be processed for these purposes. All these will be executed respecting your rights.


In order to exercise your rights or for any question about the manner your data are used or if you consider any of data are incorrect, you may address with a written request, signed to BITOLIA GALLERY, to the attention of data protection responsible – or to the e-mail address:
Within your request, we are kindly asking you to mention if you would like the answer to be communicated to a specific address (by post or e-mail) or by a courier who might assure you will receive the answer personally. Please take note of the fact that, before sending any request, we reserve the right to verify identity in order to assure ourselves that the request come from your part.

According to the (UE) 2016/679 Regulation, you may have the right to access, to rectify, to remove the data, to restrict the process, to data portability, the right to make opposition and the right not to be subject of an individual automated process. Furthermore, you have the possibility to address yourself to the National Authority for Personal Data Protection Supervision, with the registered address at 28-30 G-ral Gheorghe Magheru Boulevard, District 1, Postal Code 010336.


We are not collecting any personal information about you unless you offer it voluntary when you register yourself on our website, when you participate to different offers from us or our partners, when you send the on line command for outfits or accessories, when you conclude the renting contract for outfits and accessories or when you pay or use the smartphone option. Information are collected within the rental agreement and on line commands.

Information may also be collected from and about the server to whom you reach our website, information that are not personal (URL). We are also using the IP address in order to diagnose issues born from our servers or about our software. Generally, we use your personal data for services related to your person according to the Terms and Conditions.


From time to time we send a communication by e-mail or similar regarding our data and products. In addition, when you register within our website or after you chose the option to receive information from us and our partners, we will send you a communication by e-mail or similar anytime we have services and products that might interest you.


Our company protects on line registrations and commands made by you using Secure Sockets Layer (“SSL”). SSL encrypts commands/ registration made in order to avoid their decode by any other person except BITOLIA GALLERY. For any situation appeared, we are kindly asking you to contact us to the following e-mail address:


When you are using the website, you are stoking cookies in your computer in order to foster it. A cookie is a small data text, a file within the user computer on the hard-drive, which is used later to identify you anytime you use the website. Cookies is stoking: identification number, country and your name in order to identify your user profile that already exists within our website. In this respect, we manage to keep our website secure and made your experience more pleasant. You may refuse cookies anytime, but it is possible that certain parts not to function correctly. We are also using commercials, centrefolds or banners. As part of our partners services, they may also post their own cookies.


As we have mentioned from the beginning, the confidentiality policy refers only to our company. Other websites that may be accessed through our website have their own confidentiality policy. We are kindly asking you to consult this policy. We are not responsible for our partners policies and practice. Moreover, other companies who posts commercials within our website may collect information when you press click on their commercials. We cannot control these data collection. You should contact directly those who own these commercials for more information.


We are not asking, neither process and we are not stoking information about minors who have not turned yet 16 years old. If this happend by accident, we will remove all these information. We announce you that it is possible for us to keep the name of the person in order to avoid another registration in the future.

We reserve the right to up date and amend periodical the Confidentiality Policy, in order for the last one to contain any amendment of the manner we process personal data or any amendments about the legal provisions. Regarding the above amendment, we will post within our website the amended version of the Confidentiality Policy. All activities shall be undertaken respecting all your rights.
The undersigned Beneficiary, I hereby declare that I agree with the abovementioned terms and conditions.