We are kindly asking you to read carefully this Agreement’s Terms and Conditions, in order for you to be properly informed. If you do not agree totally with all terms of this Agreement, we ask you to leave this website and not to command any outfit or accessories. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, you will not be allowed to rent or achieve any outfit and accessory from our portfolio. We reserve the right to change terms of this agreement any time in the future. Any amendment shall be applied to the rental and achievement process after it shall enter into force. This Agreement is applicable for any command registered on our website and for all our services.


Bitolia Gallery offers a doorway to a luxury style concept where the client has access to elite staff related to fashion, style and art. Through Bitolia Gallery, clients will have access to current season outfits, past season, vintage outfits and luxury accessories for rent and sale and they will have access to styling services upon on line and telephone appointments. Our company services consists in, but are not limited only to renting and sale purchase of outfits and accessories, but also the rent of Bitolia Gallery location and organising events within it.


This Agreement carries terms and conditions applicable for the rent and sale purchase process of the outfits and accessories. You agree that using our services to respect the entire confidentiality policy. In this respect, any other regulation will not be applicable prior to this one. You agree and understand the fact that the outfits and accessories that you will take for rent will permanently remain property of Bitolia Gallery.
You agree and understand the fact that Bitolia Gallery may establish limits for rent and sale purchase, including but not limiting only to restrict the commands of only one client, one credit/ debit card, invoicing address and dispatch. We reserve the right to put limits, cancel or forbid any request for rent and sale purchase for the outfits and accessories for any reason, including, but not limited to situations related to the availability of the outfits and accessories. Moreover, presently Bitolia Gallery do not allow the rent of the outfits and accessories for more than 3 calendar days starting with the handing over confirmation of the Beneficiary


The rent value is calculated from the outfit and accessory sale purchase price. For situations when the outfits and accessories are returned with amendment or damages, the Beneficiary shall pay to the Owner the price equal with the value of the repairing costs and if this is not possible he will pay the sale purchase price of the outfits and accessories. After the command is registered by the Beneficiary, Bitolia Gallery is authorised to withdraw from your bank account the owed amounts of the Beneficiary, directly and with no other approval. To reserve an outfit or an accessory represents a firm command, which means that Bitolia Gallery has the right to withdraw from your bank account the owed amounts.
After a command for an outfit or accessories is registered within our website, Bitolia Gallery is authorised to withdraw from your bank account the following amounts:
a) The guarantee, which has the value of renting price for one renting day of the above outfit and accessory;
b) The rent value of the commanded outfits and accessories, for selected period;
c) Transport value (if necessary).
VAT – All prices mentioned on the Bitolia Gallery website include VAT.


The commands registered for the outfits and accessories ca be cancelled by the Beneficiary, the last one having the following taxes to pay:
a) for removing the command with 48h prior to the delivery time, Bitolia Gallery shall not charge any additional fee and the Beneficiary shall be reimbursed all the mounts paid;
b) for removing the command with less than 48h prior to the delivery time, the Beneficiary shall be reimbursed the paid amounts, and 50% of the rent will be retained;
c) for removing the command with 24h or less prior to the delivery time, all the rent amounts paid by the Beneficiary will be retained by Bitolia Gallery.


Availability/ Unavailability of the outfits and accessories

The placement of one command through the form of our website do not guarantee the availability of an outfit or accessory. In the event an outfit or an accessory become unavailable after you command was registered or in the event Bitolia Gallery cannot deliver in due time the ordered outfit or accessory, Bitolia Gallery will announce you about the unavailability of the outfit or accessory.


We will deliver the outfits and accessories that you commanded, respecting their characteristics (size, number of outfits and accessories, etc) to the address, date and hour mentioned within the command form, except the situation when you received an information regarding the unavailability of the outfit and accessory. The colours of the outfits and accessories presented within the website may be different to the original ones, in this respect, Bitolia Gallery has the obligation to the Beneficiary only to deliver in due time the outfits and accessories or to reimburse the amounts paid for renting the outfits and accessories that do not correspond to the command characteristics. The Beneficiary has the obligation to make the prove of these differences.
Delivery of the outfits shall be assured by the specialised staff of the Owner to the destination address mentioned within the website form.
The return process of the outfits and accessories shall be assured by the authorised staff of the Owner, the outfit and accessory will be handed over from address mentioned by the Beneficiary within the website form.


Once the commanded outfits and accessories were delivered and are in your possession, you have the entire responsibility for each outfit and accessory for the whole period you have rented them. Please take note of the fact that the handing over is made personally by an adult who has full exercise capacity.


The Beneficiary has the obligation to keep and maintain the rented outfits and accessories accordingly, not to destroy or produce any damages to them. The Beneficiary is responsible for losing, destroying or damaging the outfits and accessories. In the event the Beneficiary will return the outfits and accessories with any amendments or defects, the Beneficiary will pay to the Owner the value equal to the repairing costs of the outfits and accessories. In the event the outfits and accessories cannot be repaired, the Beneficiary will pay to the Owner the sail purchase price of the outfit or accessory.


The Beneficiary will return the outfit and accessory within the wrap they were handed over. Outfits and accessories will be rented for maximum 3 calendar days. The renting price represents a percentage of 14%-16% from the selling price of the outfit or accessory for every renting day. The Beneficiary has the obligation to return the outfit and accessory on the date and hour mentioned within the handed over confirmation.
If the Beneficiary exceeds the renting period, there will be applied delay penalties having the value of the renting price for the outfits and accessories, for each delay day and delays cannot exceeds 3 calendar days. If the outfits and accessories will not be returned not even after 3 calendar days of delay, the Beneficiary has the obligation to buy the outfit or accessory and has the obligation to pay the different price upon the value of the selling price. If the Beneficiary will not pay to the Owner the owed amounts to the agreed terms, the Owner will open a civil and criminal action in court against the Beneficiary.


Outfits and accessories, property of Bitolia Gallery may be subject of renting and selling for people who turned 18 years old, too. The outfits and accessories could be rented or bought on line or from our office. Nevertheless, only people who turned the age of 18 years old can conclude the renting agreement and can pay for renting or selling with credit/ debit card. In order to rent or buy outfits and accessories from Bitolia Gallery, you must prove you turned 18 years old and you are authorised with the chosen way of payment.


Users of Bitolia Gallery website can establish appointments with our stylists through the website form or by telephone at +40 799773442, anytime, before rent/ sale-purchase of our products or within the renting period. Prices related to our stylist meetings appointed by Bitolia Gallery are mentioned on our website. One meeting with our stylist takes maximum 1h. If you are late to the meeting more than 15 minutes, we try our best to arrange the meeting on the same day, but you consider the fact that it is possible that another appointment to overlap and that means we cannot always hold on the meeting on the same day if you are late. If our stylist comes late, we will extend the meeting in order for it to take 1h from his moment arrival.
If your time ends and you want to extend the meeting, you agree to pay additional fee for the following hours, having the title of additional time. You may cancel a meeting you have already established with our stylist with 72h before the appointment time and the entire price will be reimbursed to you.
We may offer you different on line styling sessions, according to our stylists’ availability, as it follows:
WE MAKE YOUR LOOK: This service allows you to be carried on our skilled stylist hands through the Bitolia Gallery journey in order to create your client profile, to discuss about your event and to make the appropriate recommendations in order to look perfect.
DISCRET TOUCH: This service helps you to accessorise the outfit already bought from us for a complete Bitolia journey.


We reserve the right to bring any amendments to this Agreement from time to time and to post the new version on our website. The new version of the current Agreement shall enter into force in a term of 5 days starting with day it was posted. Bitolia Gallery shall have no responsability besides you further to the amendment of the current Agreement. In the event of cancellation of the current Agreement, the overdue obligations besides Bitolia Gallery remain valid.


Any litigation born from or related to the current act, including the validity, the interpretation, execution or termination of the current agreement, that shall not be solve amiable, it shall be solutioned by the competent court from Bitolia Gallery registered address.
You agree, that in the event of any dispute between you and Bitolia Gallery, first to contact Bitolia Gallery and to try the mediation of dispute amiable, before opening an action in court.
Regarding the amiable conflict mediation, you must send a request within you ask the mediation and describe your situation. Send the request to Bitolia Gallery to the following address: 15 Fabrica de Glucoza Street, District 2, Bucharest, Romania.


Current agreement is covered and interpreted according to the Romanian Law, without any prejudice of the law principles. Any litigation related to these Terms and Conditions that may conclude to an action in court, shall be solutioned exclusively by the competent conurt of Bitolia Gallery registered address.
Current Agreement, including but not limiting to our Confidentility Policy, represents the entire agreement between you and Bitolia Gallery related to current agreement and it shall be amended only by Bitolia Gallery according to these terms. No employee, sales agent or representant of Bitolia Gallery will have the authority to fill in the company Bitolia Gallery in other agreements with other Terms and Conditions.


It is forbidden the assesment of the current agreement to another natural person or legal entity without the written approval of Bitolia Gallery.


Bitolia Gallery will not be responsable for not respecting any clause or any delay related to the execution of any obligation assumed within the current agreement, if it is caused by by any event that can not be controlled by us (majeure force event).
A majeure force event will include any act, event, non-execution, failure or accident that can not be controled by us and shall include without any limitation the following: strikes, unemployment, revolution, terorist attack or terrotist threat, war, fire, explosion, tempest, overflow, earthquake, land surcharge, plague; the imposibility to use the railways, maritim transport, air transport, vehicles transport ar any other way of transport public or private; the impossibility to use the public or private telecomunications; documents, ordinances, legislations, legal provisions or any restrictions imposed by the Govern; strike or accident that might affects any transport.
Our obligations’ execution born from any contract shall be considered suspended by the period of the majeure force event and we will be the Beneficiary of an extended term in order to execute our obligations during that event.


We are kindly require you to send us questions, comments or to report any breach of these Terms. Please send them to our on line address legal@bitolia.ro or to our registered address: 15 Fabrica de Glucoza Street, District 2, Bucharest.

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